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Give Me 5 Days & I will show you how to revolutionise your relationship with money so that you can tap into your financial empowerment, rewrite your money story and unlock the secrets to your personal financial abundance.


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Using my PhD framework which is a hybrid of Positive Intelligence & Human Design, and the profit-first system, this experience is your gateway to a new world of insight and possibilities. Imagine stepping into a life where financial freedom, career success, and personal fulfilment are not just dreams but your reality.

Over these five transformative days, we’ll delve deep into reshaping your money mindset, identifying and overcoming self-limiting beliefs, and embracing a new way of thinking about wealth creation and abundance.

With daily actionable strategies, live coaching sessions, and a supportive community of like-minded individuals, you’ll discover how to harness your MONEY.MIND.MAGNETISM for lasting financial empowerment.

Don’t miss this chance to break free from old patterns, ignite your financial potential, and set the course for a prosperous future. Are you ready to unlock your magnetic power with money?

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The Daily Task Schedule

Every morning at 6am, GMT, your daily task will be posted in the group. You’ll be able to watch this at your convenience.

At 3pm your daily Ask Me Anything post goes live for questions and reflections over the daily task.

At 8pm your daily LIVE coaching call with me to deep dive into the task, and answer your questions.

Each task builds on the last, they can all be done quickly but it’s up to you how deep you decide to go.

There will be time to catch up if you can’t attend LIVE however I highly recommend committing to being there live. Those who attend LIVE every day will be placed in a draw to win a FREE HD reading! 

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You'll discover your top saboteurs and how they keep you repeating the same patterns. You'll get to understand them, allowing you to disassociate from them and take your power back!

You'll connect with the emotions you carry around money and learn how to alchemise them.

You will learn what financial freedom really means and how you can implement it in your life no matter how much you earn.

You will be able to let go of the belief that you have to earn 6 figures before you can feel financially free.

You will identify your current money identity and how to transform into a new one that supports your growth.

You will be part of a beautiful group of women all on the same path, with similar dreams and aspirations. A zero-judgment space for you to play with the fullest most expressed version of yourself. Try her on, see how she feels and meet other women doing the same! Every day you will be given a simple task to take action on that will take 30 mins or less. You will post your results in the group so you can be encouraged, supported, and celebrated! I will be there to answer questions, and to get to know you!

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Charlotte Pridmore

Founder Of ALL WOMAN

Maybe you think this isn’t for you?

Maybe you think you’ve tried so many times before?

Maybe you are scared!

Maybe you think it would just be easier to settle…..

I get it, I hear you! I was the same….13 years ago I was a single mum on benefits and since then I have built 2 successful businesses! I have also lost it all and got it back again! I know how it feels to feel like it just won’t happen for you.

This feeling is exactly why I do what I do, and why I decided that developing a business around personal and professional growth was the thing that would get me out of bed every day for the rest of my life.

My finances have been my biggest transformation and unlike other money programs, this isn’t about how much money, its about what you do with the money you have. I have waited my entire life to talk about this but I had to wait until I had mastered the process. My philosophy has always been one foot on the ground and one in the universe so my work in this area is about the inner game of money first but also how you make that translate into your actual life. My intention for this work is to move you form someone who thinks they are “bad” with money and show you how be be someone who is awesome with money. And let me tell you that feeling is priceless!

This FREE experience is about you! This FREE experience is about you. By the time we are done you will really know where you are at, what you have to work on and how you bring it all together to change you financial future, change how you feel about yourself and decide that your past has NOTHING to do with your future!

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Register Your Details Below To Join The Experience: