This is something I have been wanting to do for a long time, but I had to wait until it felt right for me. That time has arrived…

Starting in October 2021, I desire to spend 6 months with an intimate group of women on a mission to become the truest, most expressed version of themselves, for themselves, for their families and their businesses!

There is something very special about an intimate collective of women coming together to learn from, activate, and support each other. The last 18 months have made us so more grateful for everything in our lives and that has inspired me to take everything in my life and business to the next level! If you feel the same, then let’s spend 6 months together making that happen!

There are only 10 spaces available so this will be application only.

What’s Included?

Exclusive private group on the ALL WOMAN platform.

One monthly private coaching call with me

3 zoom calls per month

Monday – Friday Voxer access to me

Access to the ALL WOMAN EXPERIENCE plus ALL my programs while you are in the container including:

  • All WOMAN WELLNESS (Value £888),
  • ALL WOMEN WEALTH (Value £666),
  • WHAT IF IT WORKS (Value £222)
  • and anything else I decide to launch while you are a member.

Opportunity to upgrade to VIP which includes weekly 121 meetings.

I would go as far as say, this has been one of the best courses I’ve ever done.
Charlotte is an absolute delight to listen to and she has made a Massive impact on me.
I’ve loved the no pressure approach and at no point have I felt I need to get the work done to keep up with others, I’ve actually felt it’s been a relaxed yet mind-blowing experience which I’ve been able to work through at my own pace, in fact I’m still working through it.
Thank you Charlotte you’re a total inspiration and a beautiful human being

I cannot say how my life has changed from finding Charlotte, I really hope we will always be connected ❤️. I still have work to do on Revolution but just being here has helped me so much. I do see things differently, I believe you can manifest things in your life and that you do have control over how you feel. Its not all simple sailing for most of us but Im learning how to deal with this with life’s curve balls thanks to Charlottes ! The big issues I thought I had are diminishing and are not so big and I know there is light at the end of the tunnel. Self sabotage is such a negativity in our life but we can turn those negative thoughts around and learn to deal with them. Thank you Charlotte, I know I have a lot more work to do but my mindset has changed so much from Revolution and I am looking forward to the next session in September. ? Life is a journey and with you in it, it has definitely been richer – Thank you so much Charlotte ??

Finding Charlotte has been a revelation! I have felt for a while that I have untapped potential and have been surprised and frustrated to discover a variety of limiting beliefs! Charlotte has not only helped me understand the source of this self-sabotage but also given me the tools to work through it; to come out the other side stronger, enlightened and free!! Thank you ?

Can honestly say I was a little apprehensive about beginning my sessions with Charlotte – I had no reason to feel like this at all. It didn’t take Charlotte long at all to find out my underlying problem and to start directing me in the right direction with my thoughts and understanding my mindset. Charlotte totally understood me and having only just met her I felt I had known her for ever and looked forward to my weekly sessions more and more she is a genuine, caring, competent passionate coach who has helped me tremendously in dealing with an upsetting episode. I am also a member of Becoming Her and have nearly finished her All Woman programme which are both truly Inspirational. Thank you so much Charlotte x

At the end of last year, I went through a horrible time which totally shook me. I didn’t see it coming and it left me feeling a little lost and definitely a shadow of myself. I did some self-reflection and realised that I needed to work on myself as a person, and so I reached out to Charlotte. I knew I needed her voice in my life beyond just tuning in to her content here and there, and we agreed 121s would be best. Fast forward 5 coaching sessions – I’m an entirely freaking different person, and my goodness does it feel like a breath of fresh air. Like you know when you’re holding your breath underwater and then you finally take a breath and it feels so glorious? Like that. I’ve had so many realisations, started to see things from a different (and much improved) lens, I believe in my intuition more (which had been screaming to me that something was off and I ignored the poor thing), and I’ve got amazing ways to cope with my feelings. It’s like I’ve got this light yet powerful feeling inside me, I’ve got a toolkit for life to use as and when I need it, and I see myself and the world in a different way. I’m back to being me, except my better self!! I cannot thank this woman enough, she’s a life changer! I mulled over chatting to her about 121 or her programs for ages because it’s a huge investment, but I absolutely cannot put any price on how I feel, I’d do it in a heartbeat if I had to again ♥️

Your Investment…


4 months minimum commitment



pay in full

VIP includes 2 x 121 sessions per month


6 x monthly payment



pay in full