The last wellness program you will ever need!

Like most women, I have struggled for most of my life with my weight. I was over 16 stone after the birth of both my children and have done pretty much every diet going!

I wasn’t one of the ‘sporty’ ones at school and so developed an early love/hate relationship with exercise. There were two main cycle’s I’d get stuck in…

The first one went something like this….

I’d get really fired up and make some huge grand statement:

 “Right this is it, I am going to become the fittest and healthiest I’ve ever been!!!!!” 

I would be ALL IN for maybe 2-3 weeks then get bored and hit what I have loving called the ‘fuck-it’ button! 

The second and more annoying one saw me lose a decent amount of weight and feel great, but then I would think

“Well I’ve done it now, it won’t hurt to have that” (that being an old bad habit)

and before you know it the weight would be back (much quicker than it came off I might add) 

Can you relate?


This all or nothing mentality started very young, I am now 42, so add to that the whole

“Oh, it’s harder to lose when you are 40” BLAH BLAH BLAH!!! 

My answer to this is always…

“Errrrr have you seen Jlo???”

For the last decade, I have worked for myself, and during that time I have mentored and coached many women.

I work to a framework I call ALL WOMAN (remember the Lisa Stansfield song).

I coach women to become the truest most expressed version of themselves through my coaching programs, 121 work, my AAA Mastermind and the AWE (ALL WOMAN EXPERIENCE) my signature course/membership hybrid!

The framework to becoming ALL WOMAN is:

  An Incredible Mindset

High emotional Intelligence


And connection to self/self love

When we went into lockdown at the beginning of 2020 I was starting to get into a good rhythm with my at-home workouts and therefore was making better choices when it came to food… 

I was doing some work one day and suddenly it hit me!…

What if I applied all I know about transformation and apply it to my wellness???

It worked! I lost two stone and permanently shifted my identity into someone who loves to feel nourished, loves to move my body and loves every last inch… including my varicose veins!! 

The women in my membership had started to notice the change in me and kept asking for me to do a masterclass about developing an incredible mindset when it came to weight, fitness and wellness!


I laid in bed thinking no one needs to know WHAT TO DO! We all know what to do! 

It’s not about WHAT you are DOING it’s about WHO you are BEING!

I launched the program and it sold out in a week! 

ALL WOMAN WELLNESS is different.

It’s about your mindset, emotions, energy and the way you see yourself and your body.

Now I am NOT a qualified PT or a nutritionist I know my lane and I am firmly in it. I had asked for some personal training for my birthday in November but obviously, due to the pandemic, it didn’t happen. I ask my PT who’s a very old friend and has a very successful PT and nutrition business with incredible results to write each woman in the group a bespoke eating plan they could follow while I help them work on what’s going on internally. 

The mantra for the program is MOVE, NOURISH, LOVE! 

It’s not about the weight, it’s about finding a new identity, one that gives you life!! One that you enjoy, and most importantly one that you can stick too!

Here’s what you’ll have access to…

24 videos PLUS the LIVE recording of the very first round. Because this is held in my exclusive community it means that even though the sessions are not live, you can comment as if they are and tag me if you have any questions!

Weekly LIVE Q&A in the community.

If you desire a bespoke eating plan and the exact workouts (gym specific) I did then you have the option to upgrade for an additional £199

You get next level support – there is zero judgment! 

Guest expert slot by Elizabeth Sergent Nutritionalist and hormone expert.


Here is what some of the women have said about the program so far…

Big thank you Charlotte … I joined ALL WOMAN WELLNESS on the spot when it was launched. I just felt called to do it because I felt like no one was talking about the emotions and thoughts behind body love and wellness. Yet, I knew I needed exactly that knowledge to help me make peace with my body and gain a healthy weight. Then I thought that I would be an outsider among women who wanted to lose weight. Little did I know that I would find the most supportive loving and inclusive group of women, led amazingly and beautifully by Charlotte. Plus, Charlotte’s programme is not about the weight it’s about how we behave and think about our body/food/movement. Week after week I managed to understand what I needed to do to love my body and be a healthier person in the long run. I now have the tools to help me live happily in my body, nourish it and move in a way that is beneficial to my life, career and well-being in the long term. I’m so grateful for this program that I want to be in it all year round. This is the missing piece to my fitness and happiness.

I came across Charlotte during the first lockdown, I was at my lowest and struggling to climb out of a cycle of self-sabotage, low self-esteem and a huge lack of clarity as to my purpose.

I’ve been working with Charlotte regularly both on a 1-1 basis and through her fabulous group programmes.

I’ve still got a long way to go but the woman I am today is happier, growing in self-confidence and so much stronger.

When Charlotte introduced All Woman Wellness it was a no brainer for me.

4 weeks in and from a lady who insisted on getting dropped off at the door or found the closest parking space to the supermarket, I have started walking every day at least 5 miles, not only do I feel better physically but my mindset has improved dramatically.

I would go as far as to say that this programme has changed my life, the support and lack of judgement is priceless.

Thank you, Charlotte for setting up an amazing programme with a fantastic group of women who support each other unconditionally.

I decided to join All Women Wellness after following Charlotte Pridmore for the past 12 months.  When I first came across Charlotte I was looking for something, I didn’t even know what I was looking for.  I was feeling lost and knew that there must be better things for me within this lifetime.  I needed to know more on a soul level.  I have completely changed as a person, I know what my purpose is now and it’s never what I imagined. All women wellness has been truly eye-opening. I have learnt so much in such a small space of time.  Listening to Charlotte and her knowledge is one of my favourite things to do.  I get out walking most days, some days not as far as others.  I make much better food choices. I have the things I like but all in moderation.  So many sayings and things we have spoken about have really stuck.  I use these tools all the time.  Plus the other ladies on the programme are amazing. We are all here for each other, never any judgement just love and encouragement. I am sticking with Charlotte for life!

I joined the amazing All Woman Wellness. I was genuinely wanting to lose weight felt I had gained a bit but not too bothered to do it alone – had thought about on line weight groups etc.

With Charlotte not only do you get support from the whole group –  who I am sure will be friends for life  – you get Charlotte’s experience of her unbelievable journey over the last 2 years – a brilliant meal plan from Andrew Guest – lives twice a week and an amazing zoom get together weekly.

The total support is phenomenal – don’t get me wrong it is not intended to drop dress sizes weekly but encouraging and developing a totally different way of looking at and changing the mind towards dieting.

After 5 weeks of feeling healthier and more positive about weight loss – I totally recommend this plan.

So, if you are ready to get off your cycle and make lasting change in a unique and incredibly supportive environment then join now. The next round starts in June and I have even more awesomeness planned! I am so excited!

Exclusive offer 50% off until the 22/02/2022

Your Investment IN YOU?…