Don’t Be Scared To Drop The Ball

by | Apr 3, 2021

Don’t be scared to drop the ball! (Your Friday Musing – Posted on Saturday) 

It is exactly 10.16 pm on Good Friday 2021 as I write this! I ‘SHOULD’ of written this a few days ago ready for it to be posted today (hence the name) 

My personal view is that the word ‘should’ when used in this context ought to be banned! To me ‘should = shame’ 

You should have done that……  “But you didn’t!” (negative inner voice pipes up) 

We all have our off days right?! 

One of the things I hear most from women who want to start something new is that they need to get all their ‘ducks in a row’, that they just need to get this qualification or get a website done, or some other external circumstance has to be perfect, so then they will be more successful. 

I know this feeling well, but the truth is this;

If you wait to feel ready…

If you wait to be perfect,

If you wait till the circumstances are right (whatever that means) 

You will probably never get started!!!

You are never going to be perfect, it doesn’t exist THANK GOD! 

I promise you this…

You are going to drop the ball from time to time!

You are going to mess up! 

You are not going to know what you are doing all the time…

You won’t always know what to do…

But if you TRUST and keep showing up NO MATTER WHAT and even if it’s on the wrong day… you can’t get it wrong! 

Forgive your imperfections, embrace your inner chaos, love your flaws! They make you who you are……and that’s AWESOME! 



  1. Melanie smith

    Thank you beautiful i this i had a really tough few weeks that i should be or could be. I want to do life my way learn from my mistakes take the time for me there tomo is a new day and i do things on my terms xx hoping to get more out of your membership this month i miss alit of things due to work commitments

  2. Nessima Kaabeche

    This is so timely and resonates with me.

  3. Morag Maclean

    Brilliant (as always!) Thankyou for sharing your endless enthusiasm and your experience with us

  4. Tamsin Flack

    Love this! I always show up no matter what (and feel a little bit foolish doing so) but then when I look back at how far I’ve come I know it’s been worth it!

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