How Wealth Has Been Misrepresented

by | Aug 15, 2021

This weekend I’m away with my family taking a little rest and relaxation (well as much as you can with two boys!) before gearing up for the first ever round of ALL WOMAN WEALTH. This is the brand new program from my ALL WOMAN brand and I’m so psyched to get started.

Wealth, our perception of wealth and how that fuels our belief in what we can have, what we deserve and what we can actually achieve is a HUGE passion of mine.

Through my own personal development journey in the last decade I have maneuvered through multiple changes, all for the best but sometimes extremely uncomfortable changes, and the biggest revelation and impact in my life are the changes and work I put in to my money mindset.

This work has revolutionalised my life – I don’t say this lightly.

I’ve been there, right there on the brink of applying for bankruptcy, I’ve been right there basking in what I thought was “my success”, and I’ve been everywhere in between yo-yoing up and down the snakes and ladders of monetary success.

I’ve had it all, I’ve lost it all and I’ve recovered and rebuilt it all. All Woman Wealth was born from this journey to help women like you to transform your mindset, attitude, and energy around the subject of money and get ready to achieve big things in life and business!

For this week’s blog I’ve taken a clip from the masterclass I presented last week (From Scarcity And Lack To Wealth And Abundance) surrounding the way wealth and money is misrepresented to us, you can watch it on the video above. If you’d like to watch the two-part masterclass you can find it in my free group over on Facebook – The Ever Evolving Woman.

If the video connected with you and you want to dig deeper – ALL WOMAN WEALTH starts tomorrow (16th August 2021) and you can join by clicking this link!

I’d love to see you there!


Meet Charlotte

Meet Charlotte

I’m here to help facilitate dramatic change in your life. This dramatic change first and foremost an inside job but the ripple effect of that change will be seen and felt in your external experience.

My goal is to help you own your story, use its lessons to step into your power and walk unapologetically into the life you know you are here to create! 

I love a woman who wants more …….. you insert what’s relevant to you. More love, joy, happiness, abundance, experience, connection, you decide. 

It does not matter to me what you do! Entrepreneur, career women, housewife, working mother with kids. What matters to me is how you feel, about yourself and your life. 

You see I believe that if you have that feeling in your stomach, you know the “there must be more than this’ feeling then we have to talk.

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