Mindset: What is it and how it affects your success in life!

by | Jun 5, 2021


Hey, everybody, and welcome to this week’s Friday musings. So this is gonna be my opportunity to say hey to you, to share some stuff with you, my thoughts for the week, or a deep dive into a subject to do with the ALL WOMAN brand. 

First I want to share with you the cornerstones and the framework of the ALL WOMAN brand, and these are: 

  • Mindset 
  • Emotions
  • Energetics
  • Connection 

 And these 4 things can apply to everything that we do in life. 

 So today, I wanted to dive in and talk about “What is mindset?” 

 When you look up mindset, it says: “the established set of attitudes held by somebody”. To put that into simpler words, mindset could be described as a mental inclination, or a disposition, or a frame of mind. 

Your mindset is just a collection of thoughts and beliefs that shape your thought habits. Your thought habits affect how you think and how you think affects how you feel, and how you think and feel affects how you behave. Your mindset impacts how you make sense of the world, and how you make sense of yourself.

 When I started my first business, I very, very quickly realised that success had nothing to do with the opportunity being presented, because everybody got given the same one. Yet, when I looked around, I noticed some people flew and thrived, and some people didn’t. Some people didn’t even get started. In fact, I think they said 95% of people wouldn’t make it past the first three months!

That fascinated me, and I got really, really interested in what it actually takes to become successful. If everyone’s given the same opportunity, and everyone’s been given the same product, and everyone’s been given the same training, then why does one person thrive? And why does this other person not? 

What I started to recognise is that when I was sat in the audience at events, I would notice that the successful people had a certain way about them, they had a certain mindset, they had a certain attitude, and that was very much a “if it’s to be it’s up to me” attitude.  

Then I would hear people talking in the corridors and I would listen to team members or I would overhear conversations where the people who weren’t so successful, and not all of the time, but a lot of the time, the general conversation was around about why it wasn’t working, they would talk about the product, they would talk about the company, they would talk about the industry, they would talk about their area where they live, they would talk about all the things, all the reasons why they couldn’t do it, and why they weren’t successful. 

What I noticed is that there is a very distinct difference in the mindset of the people who are doing well, and the people who aren’t doing so well. 

So I got to work on my mindset, I read every book going, I watched every YouTube video going to do with that industry. I mean, god, some of the books I read and listened to, I probably listened to 100 plus times. 

What I recognised is that there was this next level, there was this awareness where we think, “Okay, I need a good mindset. In order to be successful, I’ve got to find a way to think differently, and therefore feel differently, and therefore it will drive my behavior”. 

There is a space between thinking this and success which I call “Passive Personal Development”. 

Let me explain…what happens is, we read the books, we watch the YouTube videos, we go to seminars, we listen to the speakers, and we get it, it ALL sinks in and we go “Oh my god, yes, that makes so much sense. Yes, yes!, yes!, yes!”……And then we don’t do anything.


So right there is your first point of awareness. For me, it’s almost worse being like that, that stage is worse. Because you know what to do, you know how to think, you get it, it resonates with you and you feel it, but you still don’t take action. 

 AND THAT IS THE MENTAL TORTURE…because you’re like, why am I still not doing it? Why am I not doing it? I know what to do? Why aren’t I doing it? 

I was in this place for a long time. 

I call it positive personal development when I then started to look at thing differently “Well, okay, so if we know what to do, and we understand we need a good mindset and we get it on an intellectual level, we understand it, but we’re just still not making the action then what’s that about?”

I started to look into why I wasn’t taking action and I started to look into why people weren’t taking action in their businesses. 

We have to look at what affects our mindset, and the definition of mindset remember is… an established set of attitudes held by somebody. So established means that they’ve been curated and then they’ve been established. For example: this is how I think, this is how I feel, this is how I see the world, this is how I respond to the world. When we establish something it means that it wasn’t there in the first place, it means that it was curated and then established, right? 

So when I look at what affects our mindset one of the main contributors is our upbringing, for sure.

What was modeled to us as children, and the language that was spoken that we heard a lot around certain subjects, and this is particularly prominent when it comes to wealth and money. 

If you grew up in a household with a low income and you heard, we can’t afford it, we can’t afford it, we can’t afford it, there’s no money and money doesn’t grow on trees, this is very, very relevant when it comes to money mindset. 

But it also applies to every other thing, relationships, success, health, wellness because all the language that we hear as children becomes our truth. 

So, it starts with the language that we hear, and the area that we live in, what was the social economic influence of the area that we live in, and our experiences, the things that happen to us personally?

We take those experiences, and we make them mean something different. And the thing is, the complexity of this means that we make it mean something based on all the things I’ve just spoken about. So something happens to us and that experience we then interpret to mean something, we make it mean something as a reflection of our upbringing. For example; what’s modeled to us as children, the language that we listen to, the social economic influence of the area that we live in, our friends, everything, is now the view that molds our view of the world. 

So as we look through our lens, you’ll realise that our reality is what we have made it. 

When you look at all these things you’ll see it’s how we interpret the world and then we take that meaning, and we carry it with us. That meaning that we gave that experience also adds to and compounds the established set of beliefs, thoughts and all of your feelings.  

Changing our mindset, while simple in context because it’s up to us to always choose to think this way, but the work to get to easily do this is deeper. This is my story about the way that I view the world. Can I change it? Well, yes, of course you can.

This is where personal growth and personal development comes in. So one of the cornerstones and the pillars of the foundations of what I do with my ALL WOMAN brand, is we look at your mindset, from a really beautiful objective view. 

We look at how and why that belief was established and then look at what  alternative meaning could we give that very circumstance in order to shift your perception of the event, because it’s literally owning your story, going through your story with a fine tooth comb, and it is astonishing how you’ll see that the smallest things can affect how we think about certain things, the world, people, men, women, everybody in our life, our way our health, our career prospects and what’s available to us in life. Everything comes from that.  

If we think about our brain like a supercomputer then our beliefs are like the software running on it and all of that is  producing the action.  

So in order to become the true “you” and in order to move into a new state and have the potential to become, or be doing, and have anything that you choose, then it has to start up here in your head.

One of the things I’m most passionate about is that I’m constantly working on myself, because what I’ve found is that whenever there is a new ah-ha, a new realisation, you move into a new space, and then that brings even bigger ah-ha’s and new realisations. 

This is the reason my free group is called The Ever Evolving Woman, because this work is ever evolving. It never ends. We just keep doing it. We keep doing it and we grow with it, and we keep growing with it. Therefore over time, our view of the world changes, and when our view of the world changes, it gives us the opportunity to have new experiences, feel new things, think new things, be new things. I am very passionate about that as you can tell.  

If you want to know more and if you want to come and hang out and talk about mindset, then I would really encourage you to join my free group, The Ever Evolving Woman. I’d love to see you in there. We have loads of conversations about this, amongst other things. 

In the next few videos I’m going to be going deep into the other areas of the ALL WOMAN  brand so please pop over to my Youtube channel and hit the subscribe and notification buttons to be notified of when these videos are published. 


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Meet Charlotte

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