This 3 Part  Masterclass will help you…

Master your mindset when it comes to food, exercise and self-care.

Learn how to master your emotions through the lens of wellness.

Learn how to use your masculine and feminine energy to support your journey into wellness.

Hi I’m

Back when I started my personal growth journey at the grand old age of 35 I quickly discovered the tools to transform almost every area of my life and I applied these each and every day.

I saw massive improvement in my mindset, my marriage, my relationship with my boys and my business was thriving!

But, there was one area that just wasn’t thriving as quickly and that was what I call my Wellness. Even though I had made some headway and lost weight since being 16st post pregnancy, I was still overweight by at least 2 stone and found myself in a cycle of strict diets and “fuck it” moments where I would sabotage my efforts.

I was doing some work one day and suddenly it hit me!…

What if I applied all I know about transformation and apply it to my wellness???

And well, to cut a long story short…It worked!

I lost two stone and permanently shifted my identity into someone who loves to feel nourished, loves to move my body and loves every last inch… including my varicose veins!!

In this Free Masterclass I’ll be diving into that Ah-Ha moment and introducing you to a way of looking at your own wellness through a new lens. A lens of self-love, self-acceptance and empowerment.

My Journey So Far

How it works…..

3 Part Masterclass - Live Training Covering Your Mindset, Energetics and Emotions around food, exercise and self love.

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