Create a deeply empowered and secure relationship with your finances by learning the skill set and implementing The PhD Money Edition framework to create financial freedom.

…and discover why it has absolutely NOTHING to do with how much money you have!

Introducing the framework

Your journey to financial freedom will be guided by my uniquely crafted Soul Money framework. We’ll personalise it to your own individual journey because we are all unique, as is our journey to our dreams and goals.

As I guide you through the three phases you’ll be supported to discover your own path and be empowered with the skills to navigate, and achieve, all your heart desires. 

Phase one:
The Mindset Shift 

Develop a deep awareness of your current beliefs around wealth and money and create new empowering ones that support your growth.

Phase Two:
The Energetic Shift 

Learn how to connect more to the energy of your future self and release yourself from the energy of your past.

Phase Three:
The Strategic Shift 

Learn and implement The Profit First System and gain clarity over your money management and manifestation. 

Let’s break things down…

Phase one:
The Mindset Shift -Your Thoughts

(Value £2,222)

Using the Positive Intelligence™ system we will identify your specific saboteurs. We all have them, but how they show up is totally unique to you. You will become well acquainted with their language and how that impacts your feelings and behaviour.

You will develop a deep awareness of your current beliefs around wealth and money and create new empowering ones that support your growth.

You will, with daily practice through the positive intelligence app develop the ability to become mentally fit and learn the process of how to stay mentally strong no matter what! An essential skill for anyone starting or growing a business/side hustle.

Develop your ability to go from self-sabotage to self-mastery with research-based measurable results in all areas of your life and business.

This is a 6-week program and is an absolute game changer. Positive Intelligence has taken the best from Positive psychology, neuroscience, cognitive behavioural psychology, and performance science this program is the foundational piece of the Soul Money experience.

Shift the root cause, not the symptom.

Even though we will be using the system through the lens of money and wealth, this work will support you both personally for stress, wellness, relationships, parenting,  career/biz planning and professionally for emotional intelligence,  conflict management, creativity, performance and leadership!

Phase Two:  The Energetic Shift –
Your feelings

(Value £2,222)

When you have high positive intelligence (PQ) it automatically raises your emotional intelligence (EQ) therefore in stage two, you are already building from a strong foundation.

We will look at your energetic line – and you will learn how to connect more to the energy of your future self and release yourself from the energy of your past.

We will look at your Human Design Type and authority through the lens of wealth and abundance.

Where you are empowered and what this means for you.

What your unique manifestation strategy is and how to implement it.


(Value £2,500)

The Profit First System Delivered by Jason Withers a certified Profit First Professional

You will get a full overview of the Profit First System

Week one – Clarity Part One: How can we set off in the right direction if we don’t know where you are?”

Week Two – Money has a purpose “Your permission to Dream”

Week Four – Your Personal roll out plan!

Support & Accountability

There are two parts to the Soul Money program. Part One is awareness, understanding and learning and will be delivered over the first 90 days.

Part two is the embodiment. You will have a full 12 months in the experience. So once part one is complete, we then move into 9 months of “doing what we know” 

Make It

Strategies for increasing income and expanding financial opportunities

Exploring different sources of income and investment options

Heal Your Relationship with Money

Understanding and transforming limiting beliefs and patterns around money

Techniques for releasing financial blocks and fostering a healthy mindset towards wealth

Grow It

Investment strategies for long-term wealth growth

Exploring different asset classes and investment vehicles

Keep It

Developing effective budgeting and expense management habits

Strategies for minimizing unnecessary spending and maximizing savings

Spend It

Conscious spending practices and aligning expenses with personal values

Exploring the concept of mindful consumption and its impact on financial well-being

Share It

Incorporating philanthropy and giving back into financial plans

Strategies for making a positive impact with wealth and engaging in charitable activities

Manifest  it!

Throughout the entire 12-month experience, regular check-ins and support sessions will be included to address individual challenges, answer questions, and ensure the successful implementation of the course. There will be guest experts invited in to cover their expertise in the areas that are not mine.

“It’s one thing to know what to do, it’s another thing to do what you know”

Tony Robbins

Hi, I’m Charlotte!

I created this program after searching for the answers on my own journey – this program is what I needed but couldn’t find – Creating this program has come from thousands invested – many hours of practice and the last two year of embodying the system. 

This framework WORKS and I know it does because I am living proof.

You will have 12 months of support in the form of Q&A’s from myself and Jason, we will develop the PQ principles and dive deeper into your Human Design 

This isn’t a blueprint it’s a framework that you get to make uniquely yours! 

We’re making changes of a lifetime so remember – this is a marathon, not a sprint. 

I can’t wait to see you inside!

Charlotte! xo

Soul Money Shift



12 week program, 9 months implementation


Positive Intelligence 6 week program included


Human Design through the lens of wealth & abundance


Implementation of The Profit First system


12 months accountability & support in our private community


12 months access to the ALL WOMAN EXPERIENCE


A copy of The Profit First System book

** EARLY BIRD OFFER**  Price will increase to £4,444

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