You will only ever act in alignment with who you believe you are. IDENTITY IS EVERYTHING!

So if you identify as someone who is “BAD” with money then that will affect every thought, feeling and action you take on the subject.

You can change that!

If we desire more abundance in our lives, that’s awesome but the truth is that anything outside of ourselves won’t change the inner identity no matter how much ‘stuff’ we acquire.

There are some very wealthy people that feel a lack and scarcity around money. So this isn’t about the amount you have or don’t have this is about how you think, feel and behave around money.

Discover how your specific saboteurs create your experience with money.

Discover the 4 archetypes that live within all of us and how to use them to create an abundant energy.

How my unique soul money shift framework develops your bespoke blueprint for success so you can finally say "Im great with money"

LIVE sessions in a private pop up group!


Hey I am Charlotte Pridmore and I support and empower women to empower themselves by finding their own unique blueprint for success! Using Positive Intelligence and Human Design creating a PhD in your own empowerment!

To master the feminine AND the masculine.

To work with the human AND our spirit.

The energetics, AND the strategy.

To own our needs AND our desires.

To be fully in our wholeness and live our lives and businesses through the ALL WOMAN lens.

Mindset | Emotional Intelligence | Energetics | Connection!

I invite you to join me in this up and coming masterclass to discover how to create a new experience with money! One that leaves you feeling calm, abundant, in control and excited for the future!


MONDAY 24th – TUESDAY 25TH April 2023