This 5 Module immersive program will help you...

Create awareness of your limitations and learn strategies to move through them.

Activate desire driven actions that will allow you to feel free and abundant.

Understand why the fear of success is more potent than the fear of failure and how that links back to your own story.

Ignite excitement regarding future possibilities and grant yourself permission to make them a reality.

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Riding the Cycle of Fear of Success!

And sometimes getting stuck in the middle!

After a decade in business, there’s one thing I know for sure; Success doesn’t come without failure. It’s part of the journey and it’s part of the growth as you aim to become more and more successful.

With both the experiences of success and failure comes fear!

We all know about the fear of failure because it’s absolutely everywhere we look. This leads us down the path of assuming that all we need to do is over come this fear and we’ll be on the road to success.

Unfortunately, it’s just not the case. The fear of success is raw and real and I want to help you understand that even if you’ve overcome the dreaded fear of failure the game isn’t quite over yet. Once you’re over that first hurdle there is a point of comfort or if you look at it another way…a point where you get stuck and your growth and journey to further success stalls.

This is the part that is less talked about and it’s a part of personal and business development that excites me tremendously! It’s why I’ve put this program together for you.


Fear of Success can often be confused with fear of failure because you can perceive both failing and succeeding as having a negative impact on your life. 

You may think if I succeed, it makes me different, it makes me stand out, it makes me a target for judgment, criticism and all the negative things. I think that this fear, as entrepreneurs and as business women is far more subtle and that it is a lot less talked about than the fear of failure.

The What If It Works Program is for you if any of the following sound familiar:

Setting the bar low to keep yourself from being challenged.

Afraid you may get extra attention and that feels uncomfortable.

Procrastinate on taking bold moves and allow opportunities to pass you by.

Scared that people might think you're bragging or too big for your boots.

Success might change you, and not for the better.

The program designed for women in business who know that there is a next level available to them but don’t know how to get themselves unstuck and moving boldy towards it. Are you ready to own your new paradigm, create peace around being successful and take action to implement tried and tested strategies? 

How it works…..

5 Modules of Immersive Training

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