What If We Carry The Wounds of The Women Before Us?

by | Apr 9, 2021

What if the stuff that held us back from showing up as our authentic, fabulous selves wasn’t just from our story in this lifetime? 

What if the long history of how women have been persecuted, abused, silenced, and repressed somehow lived in our DNA……?

What if, as a gender, we carry the wounds of our ancestral line? 

So many times I have found myself saying

“I just have this feeling that something is holding me back…”

I have also heard almost ALL my clients say the same thing. We look at our own story and we pick the ‘poster girl’ for our pain. 

We pick a situation, event, circumstance or person that we decide is the reason for our fear… But what if it’s deeper than that…what if ‘THEY’ exist somewhere in a past life…

The concept of “THEY” (our judgmental tormentors) just existing in our heads is a common one. We know the reality that most people are too busy worrying about themselves and what others are thinking of them to spare any thought about us and what we are up to is more often than not the actual reality…

“Im not who I think I am, I’m not who you think I am, I am, who I think, you think I am” – Rumi 

I am currently in a deep rabbit hole learning about the history of the concept of witches! The stories are true and harrowing I watched a video yesterday that got me so fired up on behalf of my gender I had to stop watching it! Millions of innocent women and girls murdered in the cruellest of ways for having a birthmark, for being a temptress, believed to be witches…

We look to our own story – we make it mean what we make it mean and we adjust ourselves accordingly…

I believe it’s deeper than that…

I’m starting to believe we carry the wounds of the women before us. 

This really inspires me…I have a voice I am allowed to use… I have many platforms in which to use it, the women before me didn’t have that choice. It makes me want to do it for them. 

We are needed. Change starts with us! 

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  1. Siobhan

    WOW! Love this. I know someone who had sleep hypnosis and she was a witch in a past life! I find this fascinating! Thank you.

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