What past pressure are you still feeling?

by | Feb 26, 2021

What past pressure are you still feeling?


This week I had what can only be described as a ‘Thought-gasm’, it was so good my head almost fell off!

Let me explain! So I have been self-employed for a decade and my first business was in network marketing. I was really good at it and for a long time, I loved it!

I will be eternally grateful for that opportunity as I would not be where I am without it!

However one of the things I didn’t love about it is the feeling that I had to be constantly ‘on-it’! Meaning it seemed there was a direct correlation between my activity and my teams.

The way my company worked is that I was paid a commission by the company on the turnover of my team, which is awesome but if I lost my mojo for a bit or something in my life happened that took me off the ball then that would show up in my income!

At the time I never understood it, now I know that is was just about energy…If mine was up so was everybody else’s….GOOD TIMES! If mine was off….so was everybody else’s…BAD TIMES!

While that business still brings me in a decent income, I haven’t been actively building it for over 3 years.

Now I do this! I am a coach and the founder of a growing personal development membership site called BECOMING HER.

I don’t have to rely on a team, no-one else is in control of my income accept me.

We are moving house in the next 4 weeks so this week my mind was on other things…as the day progressed I started to feel anxious, a feeling of foreboding overwhelmed me. I have felt this feeling many times before…

“What the fuck is this feeling”

I rang a friend I told her about my familiar feeling…she said

“Do you think its a network marketing hangover?”


You see when I was building my NMB I thought about it ALL THE TIME. If I didn’t it seemed to have a direct effect on my income. That fear was obviously still hanging around…

The truth now is… I THRIVE NO MATTER WHAT!

I get to choose when and how I show up without any fear.

I get to show up because I LOVE what I do, not out of fear and lack that if I don’t it all going to fall apart!

Can you relate?

  • So ask yourself this, do you have past pressures showing up today?
  • What are you telling yourself that just isn’t true about what you have to DO in order to succeed?

I love you! Have a great weekend!


  1. Kerry Tiller

    Inspiration in a blog

    • Charlotte Pridmore

      Ahhh thank you honey! So happy you are loving it! xxx

  2. Lynda Norton

    Hi Charlotte
    I felt the same way about NM. Lots of pressure to keep all the plates spinning and if I wasbt full of motivation then my team would drag their heels. I am still drawing a decent income from NM but I agree it’s sometimes an uphill struggle.
    I’m so glad you are enjoying something you really love and I am so proud of you on your achievements sweetheart. You’re a born Coach and an amazing mentor.. Well done. Look forward to following you on your journey.. Love you xx💞

    • Charlotte Pridmore

      Thank you so much, Linda! You have always been such a support to me and I am very grateful for that! I think we can learn to manage this in a more productive way but it can get intense!

  3. Christina Amond

    I am feeling this pressure at the moment in my NM business. I can’t for the life of me offer the biz op I don’t really know why but I am stuck it is therefore overwhelming. I have tried to become unstuck but it does not seem to work

    • Charlotte Pridmore

      I am going to address this in the membership honey xx

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