Who does she think she is???

by | Apr 16, 2021

This is what my inner mean girl says to me. Not so much anymore, I’ve spent a lot of time learning how respectfully and with love to tell her back off!! 

All my reading and research and learning recently has been around our history as a gender, to better understand why as women we feel so judged! 

It’s a deep and complex conversation but when I speak to women about where their fear of being seen comes from, the story is rarely about a man… It’s often the mother or other female caregiver, a friend at school, a colleague at work, the other women at the school gate.

The sad fact is our ‘sister wound’ can run deep and if unchecked can have a devastating effect on our whole life. 

The fact that the readership of most trashy magazines… you know the ones where the front cover is usually a female celebrity backside in her swimsuit having gained some weight… or in the midst of her relationship breakdown, are women says something about the magnitude of the problem. 

None of us are immune from judgment, we’ve all done it… but think about it, what we fear being judged for is sometimes a mirror, one that’s very uncomfortable to look in, as it reflects our own judgment of others. 

But if we are to feel free as women to really step into the fullest most expressed version of ourselves then we have to check in with ourselves first. Once our energy is clear and as much as possible free of unnecessary judgement, then the next step is to do everything we can to shine as brightly as possible. 

This may not land with you, I consider myself, while not immune a very non-judgmental woman who genuinely loves other women! Always have, if this is you then maybe think about the possibility that your sister wound has been inflicted by how society polices women… it seems we can’t be too much of anything without being judged.

How do we change it? We light the fuck up and show the next generation that it’s ok to be FUCKING FABULOUS and we openly celebrate the shit out of every single woman that we see being courageous enough to try!


Meet Charlotte

Meet Charlotte

I’m here to help facilitate dramatic change in your life. This dramatic change first and foremost an inside job but the ripple effect of that change will be seen and felt in your external experience.

My goal is to help you own your story, use its lessons to step into your power and walk unapologetically into the life you know you are here to create! 

I love a woman who wants more …….. you insert what’s relevant to you. More love, joy, happiness, abundance, experience, connection, you decide. 

It does not matter to me what you do! Entrepreneur, career women, housewife, working mother with kids. What matters to me is how you feel, about yourself and your life. 

You see I believe that if you have that feeling in your stomach, you know the “there must be more than this’ feeling then we have to talk.

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