Why Being Disciplined and Committed Is A Form Of Self Love

by | May 21, 2021

When I started my first business, I didn’t really believe that I would be successful! I’d never done anything like it before and back then I was the least disciplined person I knew! During my time in that business, we experienced the largest growth the company in the UK had ever seen. We grew 350% in a year! That growth was mainly down to one particular team and the rest of us rode the wave…I did become successful, top 5%, but I witnessed the top 1% grind and hustle and sacrifice. They sacrificed time with their family and friends, time for themselves, in pursuit of the next position, the next income bracket…

I would sit in the audience at our ‘success days’ and hear them talk about ‘laser-light focus’ and ‘discipline’ I sat there scared…I wanted the result, but I knew in my soul that I just couldn’t do it that way. I thought I wasn’t built that way.

I thought missed my place in the queue when they were dishing out the discipline before I came to spend my time on the planet!

Two things I have learnt since that time…

  • It wasn’t that I lacked discipline I was just trying to do something that didn’t light me up! That’s not a character flaw, in the end, it just wasn’t for me. When I asked myself the question “Would I do this for free” the answer was, no! Nuff said!
  • I recognise that that we tend to associate the words discipline and commitment with hard work, repetitiveness, sacrificed, rules, boring, pressure and stress…all very masculine…

What I now know is these words get to mean whatever we choose them to mean. I choose discipline to mean self-love, I am committed to myself, to what lights me up and makes me feel good.

That might mean fully focused on one day and fully relaxed the next day…how it looks to the outside world is irrelevant. When we take our ego out of the situation the only person we have to prove anything to is ourselves.

I stand for FEMININE DISCIPLINE AND COMMITMENT….we get to choose ourselves, whatever that looks like!  And when we do it consistently, the results come from our commitment to our own alignment and the universe rewards us.

We don’t have to hustle and grind and sacrifice. We get to show up for ourselves, align to what lights us up and reap the rewards!



  1. Yolanda

    Love This.. thank you for shining the feminine light on me xxx

  2. Sharon Bott

    Boom! ???? Yes yes yes, you goddess! Beautifully expressed and I agree with every word. When we’re connected to our inner light, it’s all about self love – the very opposite of selfish.???? And this is how we make the biggest difference in the world. Glorious to see you shining so bright, my beauty ????

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